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Golf cart rules for Michiana Shores

Last Updated: July 2023

(NOTES: If you plan to operate your golf cart in Long Beach, you will need to register (now a 2-year registration) and abide by their laws as well. Read more on the Long Beach website. The Village of Michiana Michigan also requires licensed drivers only, and requires residences to have permits for their golf carts – owned or rented. More info here on their website. )

Michiana Shores Ordinance 2012-17 (November 13, 2012)

1). A driver of any golf cart must be a licensed driver under Indiana law and must have such license on his or her person at all times during operation of said golf cart on any road in the Town of Michiana Shores. No unlicensed drivers. No children driving.

2). All golf carts must have bodily injury and property damage insurance on said golf cart and have proof of such insurance in the golf cart at all times during operation of the golf cart. 

3). All golf carts must display an amber flashing light when headlamps are necessary for other motor vehicles. This must be visible from no less than 500 feet from the rear of the golf cart. In addition, if the golf cart is operated at times when headlamps are necessary, the golf cart must be equipped with both headlights and taillights that are in working order. In addition, all golf carts must be equipped with a rearview mirror.

4). All operators of golf carts within the Town of Michiana Shores must abide by all applicable State of Indiana traffic laws during operation, including provisions of the Slow Moving Vehicle Statute {IC9.21.9}. A Low Speed Vehicle is not a golf cart.  It looks like a golf cart, but it has a license plate. 

5). Any person who wishes to operate a golf cart in the Town of Michiana Shores must annually register the particular cart to be operated with the Clerk Treasurer’s office and pay the registration fee ($50) and display the receipt/sticker at all times while operating the golf cart.

6). While in operation, no golf cart shall carry no more passengers than such golf carts are equipped to carry and all passengers must be seated at all times.

7). Violations will be subject to fines.