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Beach bonfire rules – Michiana beaches

  • If you are going to have a bonfire on the beach at Stop 37 or any Michiana beach, you must acquire a permit from the Village of Michiana MI.

No person shall kindle or maintain any bonfire on the public beaches in the Village of Michiana without having first obtained a written burning permit from the Village Chief of Police or Village Clerk. Such permit shall be issued by the Michiana Police Department, upon payment of a permit fee established by the Village Council, on forms provided by the Michiana Police Department. Such permit shall state the date of issuance, the length of time (not to exceed three days hereafter) during which it shall be in effect, and the place where such burning is to take effect. Even though a burning permit is obtained aforesaid, no open fire shall be kindled or maintained unless the same shall be located more than 50 feet from a building and shall be constantly attended until completely extinguished. The Village Chief of Police or any officer of the Michiana Police Department shall have the authority to order extinguishment of any fire whenever in his/her judgment the same shall constitute a hazard (because of high winds or other conditions) or a nuisance.

Contact information for the the Michiana Village Hall can be found here.