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Town Council April 2023 Meeting

This event has ended

Proposed meeting agenda

  1. Call to Order/Pledge
  1. Roll Call: Pres. Daina Dumbrys, V-P Michael Martinez, Ralph Box, Sam Paxton, Rich Young, Clerk/Treasurer Joan Lewis, Atty Brad Adamsky, Fire Chief Garry Bendix, Police Chief Mark Swistek, Park Board President Dolly Millick, BZA President Matt Bowen, Bldg. Commissioner/Code Enforcement Officer Deb Chubb, Floodplain Administrator Ray Dumbrys, Plan Commission President Ralph Box, Website Samantha Arnold
  1. Adopting Meeting Agenda 
  1. Minutes: 

Approving meeting minutes of March 14, 2023.

  1. Reports from Committees, Officers and Clerk/Treasurer
  2. Clerk/Treasurer – Invoices/Claims: Joan Lewis
  1. Resolutions and Ordinances:
  1. Comprehensive Plan 2023 – Five Year Update Approval
  2. MS4 Designation Resolution
  1. Departmental Reports – Request for written reports to be sent, to be posted
  1. Police Chief – Mark Swistek
  2. Fire Chief – Garry Bendix
  3. Building Commissioner/Code Enforcement – Deb Chubb
  4. Park Board – Dolly Millick
  5. Roads Commissioner – Bob Sulkowski
  6. Advisory Plan Commission– Ralph Box
  7. BZA – Matt Bowen
  8. White Ditch/Drainage Board – Daina Dumbrys
  9. Website – Samantha Arnold
  10. NIRPC – Daina Dumbrys
  1. Unfinished Business  
  1. Perrin sewer line at 3642 Birchwood
  2. Addition of name of Town to the notice boards
  1. New Business
  1.  Attorney report – Brad Adamsky
  1.  Miscellaneous Business 
  1.  Communications Received 
  1.  Public Comment
  1.  Council Comment
  1.  Adjournment