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Town Council November 2021 Meeting

This event has ended

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Meeting ID: 872 2166 1483
Passcode: 406827

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        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

Proposed meeting agenda

  1. Call to Order/Pledge
  1. Roll Call: Pres. Daina Dumbrys, V-P Michael Martinez, Ralph Box, Mike Lancioni, Rich Young, Clerk/Treasurer Joan Lewis, Atty. Laura Nirenberg, Fire Chief Garry Bendix, Police Chief Mark Swistek, Park Board President Dolly Millick, BZA President Matt Bowen, Floodplain Administrator Ray Dumbrys, Advisory Plan Commission Vice President Ralph Box, Building Commissioner/Code Enforcement Deb Chubb, Website Samantha Arnold, Road Commissioner Bob Sulkowski
  1. Adopting Meeting Agenda 
  1. Minutes: 

Approving meeting minutes for October 12, 2021.

  1. Resolutions and Ordinances:
  1. Leaf Pick-up Ordinance and Resolution
  2. Salary Ordinance
  1. Reports from Committees, Officers and Clerk/Treasurer
  1. Clerk/Treasurer – Invoices/Claims: Joan Lewis
  2. Use of ARPA funds
  1. Departmental Reports – Request for written reports to be sent, to be posted
  1. Police Chief – Mark Swistek
  2. Fire Chief – Garry Bendix
  3. Park Board – Dolly Millick
  4. Roads Commissioner – Bob Sulkowski, truck repairs request, report on proposed completion date of new road signs
  5. Advisory Plan Commission– Ralph box
  6. BZA – Matt Bowen
  7. Building Commissioner/Code Enforcement – Deb Chubb
  8. White Ditch/Drainage Board – Daina Dumbrys
  9. Website – Samantha Arnold
  10. Unfinished Business
  1. Renewal process of STR permits
  2. Transferability of STR permits
  3. Outdoor message boards – when will they be delivered and installed?
  4. Installation of a “Welcome to the Town of Michiana Shores” sign at Stop 37.
  5. RR Crossing repair – 
  6. Codification of Town Ordinances – where are we at?
  7. Appointment to the Advisory Plan Commission – any suggestions?
  8. Missing street signs (road names): setting a timeline for the replacements to be installed. Must get a plan from the Road Commissioner
  9. Pot holes and street repairs and future paving of streets
  10. Replacement of light bulb at entrance to MS/RR crossing
  1.  New Business.
  1. MSVFD 2022—2025 contract proposal
  2. Paser report
  3. Posting of Ordinances from 2009 thru today on the website
  1.  Attorney report – Laura Nirenberg
  1.  Miscellaneous Business
  1. Collection of outstanding fines
  2. Purchase of equipment to hold hybrid meetings 
  3. Celebration of the Town’s 75 years – Jeanne Paxton report
  4. Marquette Greenways development of bike path/potentially moving or replacing the pillar
  1. Communications Received
  1.  Public Comment
  1.  Council Comment
  1.  Adjournment