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In 2020 the Town Council approved a leaf pickup program that covers 2 leaf pickups in the Fall (November and December) as well as two leaf pickups in the Spring.

In October 2021 the Town Council approved a motion to contract for leaf and stick removal for a 3- year period covering 2021- 2024. Service will be provided by Signature Lawns out of LaPorte, Indiana.

  • Dates for the leaf pickups each year are called out as they are scheduled, in the events calendar here on the town website.
  • The cost for residents will be $130/year, and will be billed with the garbage bills that go out twice a year.
  • Have all your leaves – out to the edge of your property by the Sunday night that starts the scheduled pickup week.
  • The crews begin their work on a Monday and wrap up once they have made their sweep through town, which usually takes only one or two days, so have your leaves ready to go. 
  • Leaves should not be piled in the street, but pushed as close to the edge of the street as possible, in order to avoid landscaping stones, etc. 
  • Sticks should not be mixed with the leaves. Place any sticks or twigs (no large pieces or fallen tree debris) in a pile next to or right behind the leaves as those will be picked up by a separate truck.  If logs or other sticks and debris are mixed in with the leaves, they may skip your location and not remove your leaves.
  • If the weather does not permit leaf pickup (snowfall or violent downpour) the pickup will be rescheduled as soon as possible after the original date.