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The Town Code of the Town of Michiana Shores shall be amended to add the following to Title 2 (Zoning Ordinance of Michiana Shores, Indiana), Article 2 (Development Through Zoning), Chapter 3 – Residential District Zoning Regulations, as follows:

Section 2-2-3-9. Similar or Standardized Houses – To protect the value, well-being and preservation of the natural scenery of Michiana Shores property, and ensure houses built remain distinctive in their appearance, single family dwellings of similar or standardized plans shall not be erected in the town. 

(1) A “similar” or “standardized” plan is where the plan of a house is duplicated and remains constant as to width and length and where the volume of the house remains practically the same. 

(2) Changes made to a similar or standardized plan where the width and length of the plan and the volume of the house are not substantially changed, shall not be a sufficient change to grant a permit. 

(30 The adding to or subtracting from a similar or standardized plan of small units such as porches, bay windows, terraces, and other appurtenances, or changing or varying the slope or type of roof, location, size, style or design of door and/or window openings, or the finish color of the exterior walls, shall not be a sufficient change to warrant the granting of a permit for its erection in the town. 

Section 1. Repeal of Conflicting Provisions: The provisions of any or all other Ordinances, Resolutions or Town Code provisions in conflict with the Provisions hereof are of no further force or effect and hereby superseded and repealed. 

Section 2. Severability Provision: If any part of the Ordinance shall be held invalid, such part shall be deemed severable and the invalidity thereof shall not affect the remaining parts of this Ordinance. 

ALL OF WHICH IS ORI) AINED, ADOPTED AND ENACTED on this 13th day of the month of April, 2021 A.D. by a majority vote of the Town Council of the Town of Michiana Shores, La Porte County, Indiana. 

Signed :

Daina Dumbrys, Council President

Michael Martinez, Vice President

Richard Young

Pam Dubi

Mike Lancioni


Joan M. Lewis Clerk Treasurer