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Public Hearing – STR Request – 14 Powhatan

 NOTICE is hereby given that the Michiana Shores Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a Public Hearing on the 23rd day of June, 2022 at 6:30 PM CST in the Michiana Shores Public Meeting Room at 601 El Portal South to consider the Petition of Line Mullins for a Special Use classification of Single-Family Residential property for the purpose of making it eligible for use as a Short-Term Rental property within the Residential District of the Town of Michiana Shores, Indiana. 

Petition No: 025-2022.

Legal Description of the subject property: 

Parcel I: Lot 15 and the Southwesterly 1/2 of Lot 14, (being that 1/2 of Lot 14 which directly adjoins Lot 15), in Block 5, in Michiana Shores Subdivision No. 2, as the recorded plat of said subdivision appears of record in the Office of the Recorder of LaPorte County, Indiana, in Plat Book 6 on Page 22, under date of the 22nd day of November, 1927.

ALSO: Lot 16 in Block 5 in Michiana Shores Subdivision No. 2, as per plat thereof, recorded in Plat Book 6 page 22 in the Office of the Recorder of LaPorte County, Indiana. Parcel II: Rights and benefits created in Order No. 8205, dated November 19, 1945 and recorded in Miscellaneous Book 94 page 41 in Berrien County, Michigan, and recorded in LaPorte County, Indiana, September 21, 2001, as Document Number 2001-19394.

General or Common location of the subject property: 14 Powhatan in Michiana Shores, Indiana, 46360. 

All interested persons will be given the opportunity to be heard and voice an opinion by appearing at the hearing and/or by filing written comment.  Written comment must be signed submitted during the hearing by a representative or if submitted in advance of the hearing. The hearing may be continued from time to time as may be found necessary. The petition may be examined in the Office of the Clerk Treasurer at 601 El Portal South during the regular hours the offices are open; Mon., Wed., & Fri., 1:30 to 4:30pm.

Board of Zoning Appeals of the Town of Michiana Shores, Indiana